Aug 03

SWMBO Made Dinner!

So it wasn’t exactly my “normal” Sunday around here. Close enough to never mind though. And I woke up with a Headache today. That sucked. Twelve hours later and it’s still hanging on.

Surely You Jest

Nice out. Got up to 91 degrees according to the school’s Wx station. My thermometer said closer to 96 though. Which to believe? All I know is it was nice to take off all my clothes and go for walks and just be outside. I’m going to enjoy every moment of this summer I can cause we just don’t get this many good days in a row around here. (A Good day for me is anything over 75 degrees and not raining.)

Accidently left the garden hose running after I watered yesterday. Garden area was absolutely soaked when I went to water today! It’s almost marshy out there. Another “Guess I’m Getting Old” happening.


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net tonight went really well. Then SWMBO and I sat and watched “Cirque Du Freak-The Vampire’s Assistant” together. Wonder why they didn’t make the next one? Are we going to have to find the books to find out what happened?

Jul 30

Wednesday? Already?

So, we looked at the R-Pod RV trailers last weekend at the Silverdale Mall. SWMBO and I would really like to start going places and “camping out.” We were looking at this one:


The RP-177. Weighs in at 2418 lbs empty weight. My truck could handle it. Then I found the RP-171. Exactly the same except no slide-out. Weighs in at 2205 empty. I think we need to go look at one to see if it will work and how we feel about it not having a slide-out. I think it would work.


I like this one also. The RP-179. But it’s a bit heavy for my truck with an empty weight of 2630 lbs. My truck could handle it, but we wouldn’t have a lot of “wiggle” room.

Anywho, that’s all for the future. We gotta get her car paid off before we even really start to look for something. All I know is I don’t want a tent-trailer. After driving 8-10-12 hours I don’t want to have to set the thing up before climbing in and going to sleep. And with a “hard shell” we could stop at Rest Stops and grab a couple hours rest.

Not much going on around here today. Already watered the garden and picked up a few more mosquito bites from the (Rat Bastard) mosquito’s that missed me yesterday. The Usual chores are done and dishes are going now. It’s about time for the Dog and I to take off all our clothes and go for a walk. I may even take the weed whacker and get some more of the path we walk…

And that’s it for another day. SWMBO is home (on time tonight) and we finished out “Them Idiots.” Time to rack out!

Jul 29

Hot, But Ultimately SSDD, Tuesday.

Just not much else to add to that. However, I did brave the mid-day heat, took off all my clothes, got the weed whacker mower (The Mower), and mowed the path we usually walk around the back of the property. And I got only 45,67,38,76,569 new mosquito bites! But the path looks good and shouldn’t trip up that fat, old, guy that walks around back there when the Wx is nice.


Just the “usual” chores mostly. Did WD40 SWMBO’s garage door because she sent me a text that she had trouble with it this morning. Didn’t tell me what kind of trouble; just that she had trouble with it. So I ran it up and down and up and down and up and down and it worked just fine. I have the feeling something fell across that little “keep open” light at the bottom but just don’t know.  Maybe she’ll give me a bit more information about it when she gets home tonight. Maybe not.

And, yeah, again I went to check mail and forgot that I wasn’t wearing anything about half way there. Sometimes I really worry about my mind! Sometimes I just really enjoy the Wx! Just hope I never head off to Safeway naked. (Not that I would really mind but the “Checker” might freak!)

The 1845 sailing of the Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton is cancelled due to earlier delays along the route. Nice of the Ferry Service to fuck over everyone that usually sails on the 1845 Ferry because they can’t keep their shit together.

Jul 28

It Is SO Nice Right Now! 84 And Rising.

So I naturally spent as much time outside as I could. Even half way cleaned the truck out. At least you can see out all the windows now. Of course, the Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a couple of walks around the “back 40.”

Would Love To Get One Of These. R-Pod.

Speaking of the Truck: I have a 2005 Ford Ranger Edge 4X4 and I’ve been online several hours trying to find out how much it’ll tow. Ranges were all over the place but, finally, at the Ford site, I came up with 3200 lbs depending on how much SWMBO and I weigh. I think you can safely deduct 400 lbs from the total. Which means I can safely tow up to 2800 lbs. Cool! More if I’d get on the schtick and lose the weight I’ve been wanting to lose. Getting tired of this belly hanging out in front of me everywhere I go.


Then I went to a place that would tell me how much I could expect for a trade-in if I decided to trade-in my truck: $5200.00 would be about the max. IF you could find a dealer that would give you the max. What was REALLY surprising though was my present mileage. I’d have guessed around 40k miles; and would have been almost 60k wrong! I have 99,154 miles on the old girl where she sits in the driveway now. This has been one damned fine truck! I’ve never had to put her in the shop or had any breakdowns and she has done damned near everything I’ve asked of her. But I rarely drive crazy and hardly ever go more than 5 mph over the speed limit. Have the oil changed every couple of years whether she needs it or not. Usually. If I remember.


Hard to believe I’ve had that truck going on 10 years.

Not much else going on. Too hot for the locals to do much but sit in their air conditioned houses/cars and bitch about the heat. Supposed to be in the mid 80’s for the next week too. Which means it’ll rain in a couple of hours. This is WaRshington, you know.

That’s pretty much it for tonight. SWMBO and I had a (hopefully minor) flare-up about her son on the way home. So things are feeling a bit tense around here. I hate that.