Feb 17

Frustrating Day Pushing Mud, Plus…

Went to the property to push some dirt around but it was SO muddy the dozer was bogging down. Got frustrated and angry and decided to quit for the day and go home.
SWMBO got me to call our builder and the Mason County Planning Dept Manager, Mark. Conversation with Bob the Contractor went well except he says that if he has to have the Special Inspectors on board every day for 7-18 days he’ll have to hire a guy out of Idaho to come in and spray the shotcrete.
The conversation with Mark didn’t go as well. He is insisting on the Special Inspectors. No, he hasn’t talked to any real experts in dome construction and he personally doesn’t know a thing about them. He also said that he has talked to our Engineer (Chris) and that Chris says the Special Inspectors are okay. Not so! Chris actually said the Special Inspectors are NOT needed. I sent Mark the e-mails between Chris and Kathy to inform Mark differently. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t expect fact, figures or magic to change these peoples minds; they seem pretty set in their thinking.
Mark claims they’re doing this for the safety of us and anyone else that will live in the dome in the future. What they’re actually doing is covering their own butts. If they would take the time to really investigate these types of dome they’d find how safe they are and that they will be erect and strong LONG after we’re gone. If they’d actually pay attention to the experience and knowledge we’re bringing into the design and building of this dome they wouldn’t have the concerns they supposedly have.
But don’t get me started! I’m frustrated with the Planning Department and if I could afford it I’d sell the property and move to Thurston County or somewhere and be building in a month.

Feb 04

Still Just Pushing Dirt…

But I am Almost finished with the dome hole! Just a couple more days and at least that part should be finished. Then I have to push all that dirt downhill to finish the road. Although the road won’t actually be finished until I put the gravel on it. And I can’t put the gravel on it until I get the trenches for the power and water dug and refilled. Sigh…. Seems like there’s always something to do before I can finish something else…

Jan 28

You Got It! Another Day Moving Dirt!

But I am getting a lot of dirt pushed around and out of the “Dome Hole”. Put some pictures up at my webshots site. I really do think I’m about as deep as I’m going to be able to go. Mostly because I have no place to put the dirt I move. And I’m getting kind of tired of moving it. I have so much more to move too…

Jan 27

Pretty normal day for me…

Yep, out at the property moving dirt again. That’s what I do on days it doesn’t actually rain. Got a LOT moved today. I think I’m about as far down as I’m going to go in the dome hole. Now the opening to the dome hole is full of dirt that I get to push downhill. Ought to have plenty of dirt for the bottom of the road!
Damn nice day out. Well, it could have been 20 degrees warmer; but it wasn’t raining or snowing! That’s always a plus up here!