Feb 05

Yep. Tech Support Morning.

Popped the top (actually, the bottom) of SWMBO’s laptop and started it up. (Which is really rather difficult when the laptop is upside down.) The cooling fan is making that noise I described earlier. So I got my handy dandy rusty trusty can of air (we tech types actually pay for canned air!) and blew it out. Seems to work okay now. Of course, I can’t really tell if it’s working (as quietly as usual) or just not working at all. Guess we’ll find out if it overheats and shuts down tonight.


Then I completely repartitioned the drive of the laptop I’m checking out for a friend of SWMBO’s. Drive crashed. Already managed to pull everything I could off it using a program called “testdisk-7.0-WIP.win64.” Works great but nothing it saves has the original name of the file. But it will grab everything it can! Now to install some flavor of Linux (probably Mint) and let it run awhile and see if the drive crashes again or not. If not, and she gets the discs to me, then we’ll reinstall her Windows 8. (Although I think she’d be better off with Linux.) (Later: Nope. Drive is totally TU.)


Raining like crazy out there and occasionally the wind really kicks up. Supposed to be really wet & windy over the next few days. Oh, Joy! The Dog and I have cabin fever like you wouldn’t believe. Add to that the Winter Doldrums.

Got my mag mount in the mail today. Next nice day I’ll get out and figure out how to run the power line and antenna so I can mount my radio in the truck when I want to. Of course, my new Nerf Bars are supposed to be in anytime so I will probably spend the next nice day putting those on. Then the radio.


Been working on SWMBO’s old laptop; the one she broke the screen on. Finally got the old screen off, put the hard drive back in, hooked an external monitor up to it, turned it on, and it booted right up. Cool. Now to make a trip into Bremerton to the computer parts store and see if they have the correct screen. Then to YouTube to see how you replace it!


SWMBO is home and my day is coming to an end. About bedtime for this old guy.

Feb 04

Another Wet Wednesday

Which only figures as I do live in WaRshington.  Despite the rain I got out for awhile and made a trip to Fred Meyers & Wal-Mart in Port Orchard for some things. Picked up mail on the way in.


Night before last I ordered some more e-juice from Mt. Baker Vapor and it was in the mail today. That’s fast! Then SWMBO’s Thrive order came in via UPS. Lots of neat stuff.


Just not much going on. The usual around the house. Today is one of those really kind of boring days. Too wet to get out and walk around. Too many “projects” to do around the house that I really don’t feel like starting right now. Think I’ll bake something.


Nope. Didn’t bake either. Did warm up a can of “thick” chili for dinner. I don’t know what a “thick” is, but it was tasty. Tasted like Chicken.

Oh, my. Something in SWMBO’s computer just started making a grinding/whirring sound. Want to guess how my day is going to go tomorrow?

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Lasted almost 45 minutes tonight. Cool.

Feb 03

Almost A Shut In Tuesday. Almost.

Cause it’s Wet out there! And it’s supposed to get wetter. But we did have a small break so me and the Dog went for a quick walk around the back of the property. Did Not manage to walk between most of the drops though. I’m fat.

The BEST Man-Cave Wall Ever!

But I had to make a run to the bank anyway to deposit the Renter’s rent. Made a donut stop by Safeway on the way back. Picked mail up on the way in. Netflix Day! Yay! Got, and watched, the Jesus Christ-Superstar Live Tour and it was pretty good. Surprised myself by remembering most of the words.

The BEST Cloning Program Ever!

Just ordered a mag-mount for my 2m/70cm antenna so I can start getting my radio mounted in my truck. Then I ordered a 3 COAX cable switch so I can run all my HF antenna’s through the automatic tuner I have. I could probably sell this AT-300 tuner I have, but would save it to take with me on trips. It only weighs a couple of pounds so I’ll probably leave it in whatever RV trailer we get. Gotta buy 2 mounting kits for my yaesu 857d, one for the truck and one for the new RV trailer, so it would be fairly easy to mount the radio wherever I’m going to use it. Next month I’ll start checking out ham sticks.


Started saving up for another 857d that I can just mount in the truck and leave there. Or move to the RV trailer. May take me awhile but I will eventually save enough. Or I may buy a different desktop model and mount the one I have. Long as I can find an affordable radio that also does all the “digital” stuff I like doing. And will run on batteries. But if I get another 857d I can clone them if I want to; or when I need to.


And that’s it really. MCARC 10-meter chat net was pretty short cause there was only 3 of us on air. Not much else going on and it’s about bedtime.

Jan 19

Wow! 398.2 Miles Later. What A Great Day Yesterday!

Taking a trip to Portland to meet a Niece I met once before a LONG time ago. SWMBO and I were in the truck and hit the road by 0900. Belfair to Shelton to Tumwater to Portland to the East Historic Columbia River Highway off I-84 to visit several Falls and it took us only about 3 hours. And only two “rest” stops! Butt-ton of rain but it was scattered.


We stopped for the Wahkeena Falls, Multnomah Falls, & Horsetail Falls. Got totally soaked just from the rain; but then you add in the mist coming off the Falls and you’ve got some serious wet. But it was cool! Wasn’t sure if my pictures would be in focus because of the lens getting wet; but they didn’t turn out half bad.

Still had some time to “waste” so we headed further East and stopped at the Bonneville Locks & Dam and took the tour. (Truck told me to turn on Dam Road.) it was pretty interesting. They have windows on the fish ladder where you can watch fish swim upstream.


“The Girl” (our Nav system) took us on the scenic, back roads, route to “The Screen Door” restaurant in Portland where we were to meet my Niece. Got there about 1630 and they didn’t open until 1730. Got to wait in line with a bunch of folks. If you ever get to Portland, you really need to stop by and eat. The food was excellent. But get there early cause the line gets long.

My beautiful Niece and her Girlfriend (who is also very easy on the eyes) showed up and (I think) we had a very nice visit. I gave her all the old pictures of her Dad that I’ve had laying around the house forever and she seemed to enjoy them. Just spent time getting to know each other.


Finished dinner and our visit and headed North. Several times the rain was so hard that traffic slowed to 35 mph for a bit. But, all in all, the trip home went pretty smoothly. We went 398.2 miles yesterday on 1 tank of gas. Still have just over 1/8th tank left (but I’ll take her down and fill her up today cause I’m paranoid about running out of gas).

But, of course & as usual, the best part of the day was getting to spend time and seeing new sights with my Schweetie. I really appreciate her taking the day off from her usual Sunday routine to make the trip with me.


Back to pretty much SSDD around here. Getting my usual chores done with the addition of laundry that I didn’t get to do yesterday. Cat puked on the quilt on our bed so that’s getting a special wash today. I’d like to wash that damned cat in the washer at the same time but SWMBO would get upset about it. Cat too probably.

Sun came out for a bit so I took the Dog for a tour of the back 40. That wind we had around here yesterday took down one of that old, rotten, tree I was planning to cut this next summer. Broke off about half way up. That’s good.