Dec 09

Nother Really Wet Day Out. Stayed In.

Yesterday. What the hell did I do yesterday? Oh, yeah. Went to Home Depot and spent too much money on 2X4’s, a LED Light, and paint. Would have bought the counter tops but I’m just not quite ready for them. Anywho, by the time I quit working in my room yesterday, and all the other stuff I do, I was too  tired when it came time to go to bed to post.


Today I had to make a run to Walmart, where I spent too much money, to get SWMBO a Queen sized, White, Flat sheet. They’s spendy. And I bought a thing to hold my phone in the truck. Just been doing my regular stuff and taping off stuff in my room getting it ready to paint. Probably tomorrow or Thursday.

Of course, that kinda sorta depends on if we still have power or not; what with the storm that’s supposed to be moving in. Supposed to be lots of wind. And rain, of course. Wouldn’t be a WaRshington storm without rain.


Went out and loosened my new antenna in case it does get real windy. Back yard is already pretty much flooded. Real squishy walking out there.


MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well. Heard everyone but KC7WNJ; whom I never hear.

Dec 04

So, I’m Thinking Of A New Life Rule

When I make a “pit stop,” I tend to take my Nexus 7 along with me and spend way too much time “sitting” there catching up on Tumblr. Yep, mostly Tumblr. Way long after I’m finished my “business;” if you know what I mean. I have permanent elbow marks on the tops of my knees.


Then, when I go to bed I’ll spend about half an hour on G+ catching up. Then another half hour on Facebook, catching up. Then finish out with Tumblr again. Just catching up you know. By that time I’m ready to go to sleep. Usually.

I never just read anymore. Which I miss. So I think I’m going to make a rule that I catch up on G+ & FB during my morning absolutions. Then, at bedtime, I can catch up on Tumblr for half an hour  before delving into the latest book I’m reading. Actually doing this is going to be the problem though. I’m a renowned procrastinator.


Not much going on today. Raining out most of the day so we’re pretty much stuck inside unless we want to pile on the clothes and rain gear. Which I don’t. So I’ve been “doing things” around the house and in my room to get ready to spray paint. Need to make a trip to Home Depot for some paint sometime soon. And my counter tops. And some 2X4’s.


Oh, something y’all should remember:

  • A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  • A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  • A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

Just in case y’all forgot. Too bad we can’t apply these rules to our Politicians. Suitably modified, of course.

Nov 28

Very Wet Friday! Yard River Is Back!

Yep. Pretty much a SSDD around here. Rained all day. Been watching the temperature slowly drop: 0530-52 degrees-Raining Hard. 1300-44 degrees-Raining. 1700-38 degrees-Raining. Right now it needs to drop another 4 or 5 degrees before it can snow. We’ll see. Or maybe we won’t; it’s dark out now.

I Want One!

SWMBO’s Son finally bought himself a truck. 1999 F-150. It’s parked at his girlfriend’s in Sammamish and he and SWMBO are going to get it when he picks her up at the Ferry Landing. That’ll mean they should be home about 2200 or so. Cool. Now I won’t have to give up my truck on Saturday’s. And Sunday’s.


Just not much going on around here. Catching up on shows I’ve downloaded. Being lazy really.

Oh, yeah. SWMBO liked her Birthday present yesterday. A gift card to Jo Anne’s Fabric store. She’s already planning to go Saturday when she can double the amount on the card through their 50% off sale. Cool! When you marry a Quilter, you always know what you can get them for their birthday.


And that’s it. SWMBO is home safe and it’s past my bedtime.

Nov 26

Another Sprinkly Breezy Day

Where I did my “usual” routine with the addition of running into Port Orchard for SWMBO’s Birthday present. I kinda sorta took the lazy man’s way out; but a way out I know she’ll like. No problems there. Stopped and took some pictures on the way.


My first Social Security check came in right on time. Cool! Transferred funds back into “our” account paying back the bucks I borrowed to make a down on my new truck. Stopped by the Credit Union to check on a couple of things. Stopped by the Auto Parts store to look at Truck Tool Boxes but they didn’t have any. Came on home and have been farting around since.


Not much else going on. Straightening up around the house to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Still don’t know just who will be coming over but everyone is pretty much welcome. I know SWMBO’s Son will be taking the “dark meat” left over on the turkey to his girlfriend’s cause she likes the dark meat. Weird.


And that is really about it. Supposed to be breezy and wet for this Thanksgiving. Y’all be safe and have a great day tomorrow!