Nov 25

It Ain’t Breezy. It’s Danged Windy!

My new antenna is really bouncing up and down out there. Wet out too. But, this is WaRshington so what do you expect?


Just not much going on around here. If anything I was a bit lazier today than usual. Got my regular chores done but not much else. Oh, swept and swabbed the dining room and kitchen. Made some chili for dinner. Finished off some laundry. Made a mail run to the Post Office in town.

Been listening to the radio but haven’t heard much on the local repeaters. Lots of traffic stuff towards 1600. Seems WaRshingtonians still haven’t learned to drive in the rain. Go figure! And wait until it snows!


Wow. Someone going Eastbound on I-90 hit a bear. That would suck!

Almost called an ambulance or just drove in to the hospital earlier. My lips were “tingling” and had a “heavy” feeling in my chest. Wasn’t short of breath, dizzy,  diaphoretic, or anything like that; just what I mentioned. Just getting old, I guess. Still, wouldn’t mind celebrating my 150th birthday, in person, someday. And I don’t really care what physical condition I’m in to get there as long as I can wipe my own ass when I need to!


MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net coming up. AE7GC (Bill) called me and asked me to take it tonight as he has to go to the hospital to visit his better half. No prob! I may have to go pick SWMBO up but should be back in time. If not I’m sure some one will pick it up. (W7FBI – Lee did.)

And I did pick SWMBO up this evening.  Nice riding with her at anytime. Even in the rain. In the dark. (Especially in the dark.)

Nov 24

A Not Lazy Monday. Cool.

Well, it really was a fairly normal Monday for me. Except I put the new shelves up in the pantry. Had to take half the old shelves out before I could do that, but, that was a given. Put one of the old shelves in the garage and now we have a bit more storage there.


WHY am I taking out one set of shelves to put in another? The old shelves are those pressboard POS shelves and they’re starting to bow (or sag really) and just aren’t lasting as long as we would want them to. They did last over 5 years though. The *new* shelves are those steel framed hardboard shelves you can get at COSTCO for about $65 a set. So far we’ve got (now) 6 sets of those shelves and need 5 or 6 more. Then our storage needs will be met until the next Safeway/COSTCO/WinCo run.


So I straightened up the pantry and garage while I was doing all that construction. Figured I might as well since I was already there.


Other than that it has been a fairly normal Monday. Rained all day (but that’s not News) so the only outside I got today was when I made the mail run. Ah well. I’m ready to move to Guam.

Watched “The Man Who Shot the Great War” about the WWI photographs of George Hackney. Wow. And the actor (Ian McElhinney) they got to play George has a really cool voice. Really nice.

Nov 23

Let’s Get This Week Started!

Downpour woke me up @ 0700. I’m a light sleeper anyway, but, it was coming down hard. Sounded like a highway on the roof. Except there wasn’t any screeching of wheels, honking of horns, nor people yelling “What the fucks wrong with you!?!” Yeah, it was pretty loud.


So I got up cause once I’m awake I have to get up or I’ll get a headache. And a headache is no way to spend Sunday if you can help it. Strange dream before waking up. Again. Something military and me wearing a white t-shirt, boxers, black shoes, and doing a lot of running. Which clued me in that it was a dream; I don’t run anymore. Too old. Too fat. Too out of shape. Smoked way too long.


Wow. Seems that rain that ran through this morning left a lot of thunder & lightning over on the other side of the water. Cool, for them. Lots of snow in the passes but we should all switch to rain for the next few days. They say Thanksgiving looks dry.

SWMBO and I took our friends computer back to her and came the “long” way back along the sound from Union. Nice being out with her and the Wx was fairly nice too. Sunny! When we got home she made dinner (shrimp alfresco & green beans) and even helped me clean up the kitchen. She’s really the nicest wife I have!


Not much else going on. Had to surface mount the new medicine cabinet we got for my bathroom cause there are a lot of pipes in the walls where I’d want to mount it. At least I didn’t cut a huge hole and was able to mount the new cabinet over the hole I did cut.

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net went really well. Lots of the guys saw lightning and heard thunder at their places this morning. Not me though…

Nov 20

Starting This Kinda Late Tonight

Not that I’ve been busy or anything. Just lazy. All Day Lazy.

But it was raining again so I didn’t get outside for more than burning trash. Made a run to the mailbox. Another run to Safeway cause I felt like making taco’s for dinner. They was yummy. Good thing they was easy to make.


Marathoned the first 10 episodes of “Burn Notice” yesterday and today. Not bad. I’ll add the other seasons to my Netflix. Not today. Being lazy.


Been playing with making “books” of articles on Wikipedia. Cool. Can’t get it to “print” any tables in the downloaded .pdf file though. And they got rid of epub format. That sucks. I like the epub format; I can convert it to anything I need. Hard to convert .pdf to anything else that’ll continue to look okay.


Anywho, my old ass is sore from all the sitting I’ve done today. Think I’ll go to bed 15 minutes early tonight. Gotta take my blood pressure first though. I don’t think my medication is working as it should be. Would hate to have a blowout in my pea brain.