Usual Friday “Date.”

SWMBO took me for Mall Food where she had her usual sandwich and I had the chicken strips & fries. Then we walked the mall. Then we spent too much money at COSTCO and back home. Oh, on the way out we stopped at the Library & Post Office here in Belfair.

Jayne Mansfield

While walking the mall, we saw a young (damned ugly) girl and her mom/grandma that had so many face-piercings I’d bet they couldn’t get within 2 miles of the airport. Any airport! Now, I can understand youthful “I gotta be who I am” exuberance (No I can’t. I just don’t understand body piercings or tats), but, mom/grandma trying to keep up with the kids that way is just damned silly. Looks crappy (to me) also.


Course, I feel the same way about those young girls that aren’t really that great looking in the first place, but could look a LOT better without the pink/orange/purple hair and lip/eyebrow piercings. And for some reason they choose the ugliest damned clothes too.

Maybe I’m just getting old. I did spend some of my youth wearing bell-bottom pants cause my Dad hated them. I’d have probably been a “Hippie” but he would have killed me! Smile


Not much else going on today. Sun is out and in but it hasn’t been raining too much. Think me and the Dog will go for another walk.

News says ANOTHER small plane has gone down and killed folks. Sounds like we need to ban all small planes…

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