It’s Another Normal Monday!

Off and on wet outside with a LOT of wind. Dog and I went for a walk on the back-40 and got a bit wet. Was almost afraid of the wind toppling a tree on us! Power has even flickered a couple of times and I have underground power lines!

All You Gals Need One Of These! :)

Not much else going on. Made a trip to the Post Office and a stop by Safeway for SWMBO. Just been “straightening up the ol’ hard drive” and other things around the house. SWMBO is off to lunch with the girls (her usual Monday routine) and I’ve been waiting on someone that wants to come over and look at the MILA.


Wind just blew down my tv antenna. Now I won’t be able to watch the one channel we get! (Thank you digital signals, FCC and the Federal Government.) Still, glad it was only the TV antenna; I’d hate for my radio antenna’s to come down!


Those ladies never showed up to look at the MILA. Their loss…

And that’s pretty much all that’s going on. Exciting!

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