Not A Normal Thursday!

At least as far as SWMBO taking me to Subway for dinner. THAT is unusual! She wanted to try their new BBQ Chicken sandwich and decided to take me along. Cool!

Went out to eat cause I was so tired after shoveling a lot of dirt again today. Got all the raised beds filled to the brim, all the tires filled to their brims and even a wagon load of dirt for the front yard. With more available. Dirt, that is.


Had a really nice couple over that want to rent the MILA. That’ll be good. As long as they don’t make too much noise “after hours” and pay their rent on time I’m cool. I hope it works out for all of us.


Saw a girl at Subway: Goth makeup and hair style and bunches of piercings. Not very attractive at all (to my old guy way of thinking). However, from the waist down: Wow. Formfitting knit short shorts and her legs were a 15+ on the scale. Really sheer black nylons (do they still call them that?). The young guys making our sandwiches could not keep their eyes off her. The guy making my sandwich threw a lot of pepperoncini on my sandwich when I’d asked for bell pepper. I understood though and, luckily, I like pepperoncini. Smile

Yes. She was nicer than this.

Just not much else going on. Finished “Surface” and looking for the next series to power watch. I’ll probably go back to reading though. I like reading. Hey, I haven’t watched the latest NCIS yet…

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