Another SSDD Saturday

Which I started at 0630 this morning. And I just haven’t been doing much but playing with xampp while doing my regular chores. Damn, I lead a boring life!


Did try that powdered milk from Thrive on my cereal this morning. Ugh. Didn’t taste quite right (too creamy?) and my cereal mushed way faster. It’ll be okay for regular drinking, or cooking with, but I think I’ll stick to regular milk for my cereal.

Sun finally came out and I got to sit on the front porch for awhile. Feels Nice! Just chillin’ while listening to 15-meters and just not being busy. Thought about making a recyclables run; but just thought about it. I’ll probably do it after Monday when the weather isn’t this good.

funnygif 0901

SWMBO got home about 1530 and took me to an early dinner at Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell. Then we stopped by Saint Vincent’s where I bought a new keyboard with bigger, brighter keys and a PF 1800 AFL film scanner ($5) to play with. If it works, great. If I play with it awhile and it still doesn’t work, great. (So far I keep getting a device not recognized error. Probably need drivers but I’m hesitant to download what’s claimed to be the driver from some of the places I was referred to. Just call me paranoid.)

My New Keyboard. Cause I'm Old.

Stopped by the house then went back down to Safeway for our usual Saturday trip to Safeway. Spent just as much money as we usually do Thrive not withstanding. But we did buy a couple of different things this time.

And so we’re home safe and mostly sound. Was going to watch the latest Doctor Who but it’s pretty close to my bedtime. I have to wear that monitor tonight to get that done with. Oh Joy!

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