Another Sprinkly Breezy Day

Where I did my “usual” routine with the addition of running into Port Orchard for SWMBO’s Birthday present. I kinda sorta took the lazy man’s way out; but a way out I know she’ll like. No problems there. Stopped and took some pictures on the way.


My first Social Security check came in right on time. Cool! Transferred funds back into “our” account paying back the bucks I borrowed to make a down on my new truck. Stopped by the Credit Union to check on a couple of things. Stopped by the Auto Parts store to look at Truck Tool Boxes but they didn’t have any. Came on home and have been farting around since.


Not much else going on. Straightening up around the house to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Still don’t know just who will be coming over but everyone is pretty much welcome. I know SWMBO’s Son will be taking the “dark meat” left over on the turkey to his girlfriend’s cause she likes the dark meat. Weird.


And that is really about it. Supposed to be breezy and wet for this Thanksgiving. Y’all be safe and have a great day tomorrow!

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