Pretty Slow Christmas Eve Day

Mostly because it started with a headache. Wasn’t too bad when I gave SWMBO a ride to the Ferry Landing this morning; but got progressively worse until I just froze my head for awhile. That seems to have worked. But it’s 1645 and my day has been shot.


Not that I planned to do anything today anyway. I’m pretty much in Holiday Mode. Not in a great Holiday Mood, but willing to be convinced. Gets better after SWMBO gets home. Nice to be able to walk into her room and give her a kiss whenever I want!


That was a weird segue.  Probably cause I’m still not thinking entirely straight. Yep, really looking forward to that drive into Bremerton to pick her up tonight. Think I’ll make a quick trip to the Vape Shop while I’m there.

Vape Shop was closed. Like it was a Holiday or something. So I went on down and picked SWMBO up. She had me take her to Walmart out East Bremerton way. Bad idea. Saw a 32” digital led tv for $168 so I got it. Then $50 for a wall mount for my monitor. Then $20 for a XBox One game for her son for Christmas. Phew!


Stopped by Mickey D’s on the way home cause I was getting hungry. Got the tv set up on my desk. Can’t get the HDMI to work and I know it’s my computer. Maybe I haven’t even installed the driver for it? Not sure but will figure it out. Not tonight though.

I’m going to bed.

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