Ok, Trying This VirtualBox Thing

bcc007aAnd, so far, it seems to be working. Especially after downloading and installing their extras thingie. That’s good. Seems to be working much faster, and is a bit more legible, then that “Box” program. Which worked but was slow as forgiveness from my Ex-. Funny that these two programs will bring up my Windows 7 VM, and VMware won’t. (I tend to lose my mouse against this dark background though. Hey, it that’s the only problem!)

bcc008aNow if I could only get Ubuntu Studio to remember my screen settings after shut down/reboot! About the only thing it remembers is which monitor goes where; otherwise I have to re-set up the icons and backgrounds every time. Getting kinda tired of that but it isn’t enough of a hassle to go back to Windows. Not sure that there is anything that’s enough of a hassle to go back to Windows.

Tried talking to my friend in Vista, CA on 14.342 USB but the signal just plain faded out today. He was coming in pretty strong, then, all of a sudden, nothing. Or as near to nothing as doesn’t matter. Ah well.

Just not much else going on around here. Once I finished my regular chores and mowed the front-front yard I really didn’t have anything to do but sit out in the sun. Hoping to enjoy these last few days of Summer. Gonna miss it. Summer.

Made burgers & fries for dinner and SWMBO got home just in time to eat. We sat in my room and ate and talked. Nice.

bcc011aTrying to pull all the paperwork together to re-fi the truck. My Credit Union can give me a much lower interest rate and a payment $100/mo less than I pay now. Cool! And, if we get it all done before we head out to our Utah trip we should get a refund of the GAP. Cool! (And I do plan to send what I’ve been sending to pay the thing off early.)

And that’s pretty much it. Pulled all my old Outlook mail into Thunderbird and OH MY GOD THERE ARE A BUTT TON OF DUPLICATES, TRIPLICATES, AND MORE! Damn! Luckily I found an add-on that took care of that. Worked great! Deleted a couple of hundred messages.

Anywho, that’s it.

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