STILL Playing With A Linux Server!

Which, except for a run to the Post Office to send the Netflix off, and my usual chores, is about all I’ve done today. Well, did take 15 minutes and talk to NC7V down Vista, CA way on 20-meters around 1515.


Tried installing the latest Ubuntu Server but it kept erroring out unable to install Boxsomething. Even tried re-downloading the .iso (just in case) and using “Startup Disc Creator” to “burn” it to the usb drive again (just in case) and that didn’t work. After a couple of hours of trying to install it I gave up and started the download of the previous version. Both 32 & 64 bit versions Just In Case.

Excuse me. Had to go swipe a piece of SWMBO’s Cheesy-Bread.


Anywho, the earlier version (64-bit) is installing and has gotten farther than the first version I used. That’s good. Too bad it’s getting on towards this Old Guy’s bedtime.

Really not a whole lot going on today. Sprinkled some but I wasn’t out in it until the Dog and I went to pick SWMBO up at the bus stop this evening. Even then we took the truck so we weren’t actually out in the rain.


Tomorrow should be a bit busier since the Renter would like to make a dump run. Then SWMBO and I want to stop by Home Depot, COSTCO, and will probably eat at Qdoba’s before making our usual stop at Safeway. Think I’ll spend the $2 on a Powerball ticket this week.

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