Well, Yesterday Was Fun!

Got up and out of the house by 0430 so I could miss the “rush hour” traffic where Hwy 16 meets I-5 North. Wrong! Oh, Hwy 16 was clear all the way to that intersection, when, you guessed it, traffic came to a slow crawl getting on to I-5. This at 0515! Damn!


But I got through it, got to where I was going in Fife, and their parking lot was fenced off. So I waited in the parking lot of a nearby Shell station (over 2 hours!) until it did open. They took my RV from me and said it’d be 2-3 hours. So I sat in their parking lot trying to stay awake and walking around every once-in-awhile so my butt would un-numb.

But they were done by 1030. Cool! And it cost me only $117 for an inspection required by the warranty people. Supposed it could have been worse.


Hooked the Caravan up and headed on home. Drive really wasn’t too bad, traffic wise, but the wind had kicked up. It is one strange feeling for your truck to suddenly go in a direction you aren’t aiming for! Damn! But I made it safe, and reasonably sound, home, got the Caravan parked and unhooked. At least it wasn’t raining. Much.

Then I just vegged the rest of the day. I was tired as hell! Oh, got my usual chores done around the house but didn’t get anything “extra” done. By the time 2100 came around I was pretty much dead on my feet. I’m too old for 20 hour days anymore!

Went to a friends house today to get him up and running with Fldigi. All I had to do was pick the correct USB Audio Codecs. Then we sat around for an hour just shooting the breeze. He loaned me three Linksys G series routers to play with. Trying to put together that HamNet thingie (senior moment) to see how it would work this next Field Day for keeping us all in touch. And it’s something else to “play” with.


Not a whole Hell of a lot else going on. I get to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing @ 1945 tonight. That is always fun. Will probably go early and just sit and read. Still tired from yesterday so will probably hit the rack at my usual time tonight. Although, “The Martian” did come in today.

And you know what? I enjoyed the movie.

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