Thing’s Are Pretty Normal Around Here

Which means just not much of anything has been going on. Although, I did have my usual date with SWMBO yesterday. Which is always the highlight of my week. She took me to a Mexican Restaurant in Shelton. Good food! Great company!

2016-08-04 16.24.39

Bought a couple of wireless keyboard/mouse combo’s at Walmart. Along with our usual weeks worth of food stuff. And some other things that we needed. As usual.

brun17aWait! Last Friday I … Last Friday I … Don’t remember.

Today has been our usual Sunday; except SWMBO didn’t have to cook dinner for both of us as I still had a butt-ton of leftovers from the Mexican place yesterday. Been raining off and on outside. Peas are growing like weeds!

Picking more clothes I don’t wear anymore to give to the Faith In Action folks. Lots of T-shirts without pockets that have also gotten too small for me to wear anymore. I hate my belly hanging out from underneath my shirt! I know I’m a Fat Old Guy, but still …

Oh, I did go through a prodrome starting about 1100 today. Head only slightly ached but haven’t had the crushing pain. Yet.

2016-08-07 18.41.26

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net seemed to go well. My reception absolutely sucked though. Good thing AF7VT was in town and I didn’t have to be Net Control! I’d have been guessing as to what everyone was saying. Got better reception in the truck in the middle of the driveway. I gotta move my antenna.

And that’s really pretty much it. Been on a Warehouse 13 binge and still have time for another episode before bedtime!

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