Crap! I Be Getting Old. Old. Damn!

Revenge of the CheerleadersDecided I’d better get off my fat, old, ass today and get that pile of boxes of 3×3” tiles to Habitat For Humanity like I’ve been meaning to. So I did. Damn! Humping 10 60lb boxes, and two construction-site table saws, out to my truck damn near gave me a heart attack! My heart was beating like there was gonna be no tomorrow. Had to stop and catch my breath and let it (my heart) slow down some. Damn!

Told the guy at Habitat that he’d have to unload all that stuff. Which he did. Mostly. I hate getting Old.

Doesn’t help that, through my own stupidity and lack of attention (meaning I forgot) that I’m out of my heart med and my lisinopril and have to get the Doc to renew my Rx before I can pick some more up. Damn. Double Damn. I’ll get through it if I just take it easy. My old Doc has transferred too. Don’t know the new one.

Mini01cNot a whole hell of a lot going on around here other than that mentioned above. Usual chores. Too cold to get out much (and we haven’t even hit Winter yet). Grounds still too wet. I just don’t feel like getting out in the cold & wet. I will if I have to though.

Been trying to plan how I’m going to get that tower I bought up and running. Could cost a pretty penny just in cement to make the thing bottom-heavy. And rebar. Getting it up will be easy compared to all that.

Well, the guy came over and we signed all the papers to re-fi our house. Only took an hour and 80 million signatures! But it’s done. Payments will be lower. Which is good. Leaves me more for more toys!

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