What An Interesting Week!

I just can’t win when it comes to Renters. The other night I went to bed and after awhile I heard them start to argue. Then I hear someone slam someone else around while yelling “Fuck You” and knew it was time to get my robe on and go downstairs. Did. She answered the door with fingerprints of blood all over her face. He had a slightly bleeding head wound. (Wasn’t too serious or it would have been bleeding a LOT more. Head wounds do.) He was on the phone witth 911 and acting a lot more dazed than his apparant wound account for. But that’s just my opinion.) Anyway …


So, Sheriffs came (Does their mama’s know they’re out playing policeman?) and wound up arresting him. Read online later he’s charged with Assault/Other and Kidnapping/Abduction. He made bail and the Judge is letting him take his already planned trip to Florida. (It’s like the Judge wants him to run or something…)

I filled out an eviction form for him and need to get off my duff and change the locks to the MIL apartment. SHE wants to stay and says she can pay the rent. We’ll give it a try cause finding new Renters will be a real pain. Hope this works out.

HE is out basically cause I don’t like bullies. Not a fan of drama either.


And, yesterday, SWMBO and I took a day trip to Leavenworth, Wa just to get out of the house and see some more-open sky. Once we got off I-405 it was a pretty ride. Snoqualmie Pass was pretty and there was lots of free range snow. Leavenworth itself was kind of cool and we spent our share of Tourist Dollars before leaving around 1600. I “let” SWMBO play her music for the whole trip. (Which alone should prove I love her!) She got me a really nice walking stick. Which may have helped if she had gotten it before I took a full frontal face plant in the dirt. Klutzy Shit! But that wasn’t her fault!

When we got home we unloaded the truck and left the dog and did our weekly shopping at Safeway. Saved a lot of time and money over Walmart cause Safeway doesn’t have a blu-ray bin.


So, today, Easter Sunday, we’re mostly just relaxing. SWMBO is off quilting and listening to Conference. I’m getting my usual Sunday chores done and taking the Dog for mini-walks.

Made sloppy joes and fries for dinner. Lazy, I know. Also made a couple of small meatloaf’s for dinner tomorrow with the “leftover” burger. Think me and the Dog will head outside for a few.

Think I’ll publish now. Want to do a bit of X-Plane before bedtime.

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