Pretty Windy Out These Past Few Days

Power has “glitched” a few times well enough for my desktop to reboot. Hate that. Power outages all around us from tree’s taking out the power lines. Joy. After this crappy wx summer and how “fall” is starting out I’m not looking forward to this Winter! Not a bit!

Running MSFSX on that ACEPC.

Otherwise, SSDD. Chores. Got down in my shop and started sanding that board my neighbor gave me. (Lookin‘ good!) Scanning my Aunt’s pictures. Moving things around. Playing on my computers. Keeping SWMBO happy. (Or, not murderously unhappy. She does know where I sleep.)

Oh, saw that Cardiologist again. He said everything is working like it’s supposed to. Told me I have a good heart (for an OLD guy that smoked for 40 years!). So I asked him “Why can I be laying in bed and feel my left leg/foot swell up?” He seemed surprised and immediately blamed in on “vein problems.” Wants to send me to a “vein” Doctor. (I did that last year. No “vein” problems found.) So he disappeared to get me a consult for a “second opinion” and I came on home.


Two things. 1) He could have told me over the phone and saved me the almost hour drive there and the almost hour drive back. 2) I’m ultimately disappointed in this Doctor, his “bedside” manner, and his “off the cuff pretty much instantaneous diagnosis” of “vein” problems without first examining me. Honestly, each time we “talked” he just seemed to want to be somewhere else. I never did get to tell him what was really bothering me and I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually read the forms his office had me fill out.

So, I have a healthy heart that skips beats and I take medication to slow it down so it doesn’t forget to beat. I get minor chest pains and short of breath upon exertion. And, every so often, I’ll be laying in bed and my heart will feel like it’s “fluttering.” But everything’s okay.

Funeral is next week.

Date Day and SWMBO is taking me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food place in Port Orchard.

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