Getting Caught Up or Just Getting Caught?

I’ve been meaning to get off (well, actually, ON) my ass and get caught up here. I think the Winter Humdrum’s have firmly grasped me by the balls and I just don’t feel like sitting down and getting this done.

And it’s not like anything happens around here. SSDD but in Winter. Ugh!

Was sitting around thinking about Cell Phones and these damned robo-calls I keep getting. Y’all may not know it, but you can lay the blame for these calls on Hedy Lamarr. She did co-invented an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication for torpedo guidance that eventually led to cell phone carrier technology (Wi-fi & Bluetooth actually but close enough). Marriott Hotels and those others would have to send their spam through the mail if not for her!

Hey, we had some snow for a couple of nights. Didn’t stick. Still disrupted traffic cause people thought about snow though. Glad my daily commute is only from the coffee machine in the kitchen to my desk 21 feet away. Don’t have to worry about coming to a halt because the road suddenly straightened out and people in front of me forgot what to do.

It does sometimes come to a complete halt though when I stop to ask “What was I doing?” Or “Where was I going?” Or “Why did I come in this room?”

You think I’m kidding.

I see where Biden has circumnavigated the Law-making processes with over 40 executive orders. Anyone told him that Congress is supposed to make laws and not the President? And y’all let him get away with it.

Anywho, there is just not much going on around here. Getting all my scanning done (that I can) of the old family pictures and re-ripping all our cd’s while it’s cold outside. Once the Wx warms up I’ll be outside as much as possible trying to store up all that warmth and vitamin D as much as possible. I hate winter. I especially hate winter in the North West. Specifically Western WaRshington.

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