Sorry I Haven’t Posted. (Like anyone is really reading this!)

I have no excuse. None. The last week, except for taking neighbor Phillip to some stores in Gig Harbor last (Tuesday?) and spending most of Wednesday working on that damned MediaServer the whole week is a total blur. I have absolutely NO idea what the hell I did all week. Other than normal housework type stuff.

Haven’t been going out to the property as much as I usually would during fairly nice weather as the price of gas is just too damned high. So I’ve been hanging around the house. Boring! Oh, I always seem to have plenty to do: scan pictures, work on my web sites, rip dvd’s and convert them to avi files or cook dinner. But I never seem to get as much done as I want. Nor do I seem to get as much done as I’d thought.

Speaking of thoughts: had an important one the other day. Forgotten what the hell it was now.

So, I think I’m at the point that I really need to make myself a schedule. Or get a job. I’d look for a job except I’d have to quit it if we started building our dome as I’ll be doing quite a bit of the work on it. Just can’t see going through all the hassle of finding a job and getting someone to depend on me only to quit if we get financing and start building. Not fair to whoever hired me.

And I need a bigger truck and a trailer to start my own dirt moving business. Maybe I can find something that’ll make me some money on the internet?…

OTOH, if I set myself up a schedule of ’classes’ maybe I can finally learn some of the stuff I have piled up on my shelves to learn. Morse Code and the stuff for my Ham license, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL and a bit of College Accounting. I also have XML for Dummies, Photoshop CS3 for Dummies, Flash 5 and a weekend crash course in MySQL up there.

Did manage to get up to the property yesterday & today. Yesterday was just too nice to do much of anything so I pushed some dirt around but mostly layed out in the sun reading. Today was much too cool and windy to lay out so I cut up about 2 truck loads of wood. Brought one back and unloaded it already. Watching

"Secrets of Saturn" and waiting for SWMBO to cook dinner tonight. Chied Fricken. Cool!

Oh, SWMBO took us to see the latest "Narnia" movie last Friday then we went and had "Mall Food" for a late lunch. Movie was okay; special effects were cool, but I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on. And it wasn’t Indiana Jones!

And there’s only 26 more days until my 56th Birthday. Bummer! (But it beats the alternative all to hell!)

Oh yeah, saw a real B17 fly overhead on my way into town last weekend. Cool. That’s one of my favorite planes to ’fly’ in FSX. Then out at the property I heard someone fire off a fully automatic M16 somewhere in the neighborhood.

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