Nov 13

Not A Happy Camper With Amazon

So, on 07 Nov I order that D-Link Systems ShareCenter and get an order confirmation with delivery date of 13 Nov. Not too shabby. Thursday, 12 Nov comes around and I go online to track the package. The green line thingie is almost all the way across the page and says it’ll be delivered by 2000 hrs Friday 13 Nov. Cool! Really looking forward to getting it.

Despicable Me (2010)(HD)-7

Get up this morning and have an e-mail from Amazon saying that there’s been a “problem” and delivery won’t be until Mid to late December. What? According to the tracking website it was almost here. Did it just get up and walk off during the night? Did the UPS guy decide that he wanted it more than I? What kind of problem could come up with the thing on a truck and almost here (according to their tracking site)?

So, no, I am not a happy camper with Amazon right now. I keep hoping it’s just a Friday the 13th bad joke; but, somehow, I doubt it.


Not a whole lot going on. Still really raining out. Really raining out. At lest we haven’t gotten the high winds (yet) that were predicted. I’m thinking we’re going to get lowland snow the first part of December; but couldn’t tell you why I feel that way. Not that I have a whole lot of experience predicting weather anyway.

Oh, cool. Just got an e-mail from Amazon saying my review can’t be posted. Didn’t follow their “guidelines.” And their link to submit feedback seems to work only for things you’ve bought. Actually can’t find anyplace to review Amazon itself. Which figures. (And, yes, I’m old and maybe just can’t find it.)


AND I just got a text that SWMBO’s Son was in an accident (in her car) in Port Orchard. He rear-ended someone. Oh, Joy! He’s having it towed here though so at least I don’t have to get out in the rain and traffic to pick him up. (Suppose I ought to be grateful he wasn’t hurt.) Nope. Not angry. Getting angry wouldn’t accomplish anything but make for some bad feelings all around. Long as he pays for the repairs (and towing!) I’m cool. (Maybe this’ll force him to look for a higher paying job!)

Well, he got SWMBO’s car towed to the house. Front end is a bit banged up. It should still run but the electronic crash detector thingie won’t let it start until a mechanic resets it. That’s his problem.

Aug 16

Actually Got Busy Today!

SWMBO had to go to an interview in Seattle (proper) and I stayed home cause I hate driving in Seattle. I can drive in Seattle; I just hate to do so.


So I stayed home and pressure washed the deck. Only took a couple of hours. I got soaked, the day got rather warm (maybe cause I was out in the sun pressure washing), so you can guess what happened. That’s right: Naked Fat Old Guy pressure washing the deck!


SWMBO got home around 1630 and took me to Casper’s for pizza. They make good pizza. Kind of spendy but good. Did our usual Safeway on the way home. Picked a shit-load of beans from the garden.

We sat and watched “RV” while she processed the beans. (Strip the ends off and snap them in half.) Funny movie.

One Of My Favorite CD's! (MP3's)

And that’s about it. SWMBO parboiled the beans and they’re drying a bit before she puts them in the freezer. Coffee is set up to go at 0700, as usual. Time to go to bed and read awhile.

Aug 09

Friday! Date “Night” With My Schweetie!

So we got up early and went to see “The Wolverine.” Good movie but about half an hour too long. Enjoyed the effects. Enjoyed the sound(s). Enjoyed Hugh Jackman in a role that he’s defined. Came away wondering “What the hell?” Just not as satisfying as even the last Wolverine movie. Something was missing but I couldn’t tell you what. Enjoyed the movie though.

The Wolverine

Then we ate at KFC, as usual. Came straight on home cause SWMBO had some online training to do at 1430; which turned out to last only 30 minutes or so. Damn, we could have been spending money at COSTCO or Safeway!

So I got off my lazy old ass and mounted the lattice she got yesterday and let her intertwine her honeysuckle into it. Danged stakes I bought to stabilize the bottom of the lattice aren’t long enough so I’m going to have to make something to hold it still in the wind. Shouldn’t be a biggie…


Not much else going on. We all  went for a walk then I watered the garden. Time to pick some more peas & beans! Kind of listening to “Jack The Giant Slayer” in the background while I putter around the house. Partially cloudy but still warm. Hope all the clouds clear out before the 11th & 12th so I can see the Perseids.

SWMBO took me to Safeway this late afternoon. I really don’t like the crowds that are there during “rush hour.” But I don’t usually like crowds anyway since Desert Storm (1).

The Jellyfish Nebula

We’re going to sit and watch “Despicable Me” together…

Jul 27

Skipped A Day Cause I Was Busy!

Out with my schweetie most of the day and didn’t feel like posting last night. You aren’t so lucky for today though!

SWMBO took me to see “Pacific Rim” at the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor. Mixed feelings about it: about 20 minutes into it I was thinking “I pad $8 ($16 for both of us) to see this?” I enjoyed the effects; what you could see. All the fight scenes were in the dark or underwater. Then it started to seem like an episode of  “Iron-Transformers.” I enjoyed the movie; but I didn’t. Guess it left me unfulfilled or something…

Still have mixed feelings about this movie.

After the movie we went to KFC for lunch, then down the street to check out RV’s. Saw a couple of really nice little trailers and pop-up tents. A couple were even almost within our price/payment range! We’re looking at something both the truck and her KIA could haul around but big enough to be somewhat comfortable for a week or two of camp grounds.

Nice hot afternoon to look at RV’s though. Got home, watered the garden and just relaxed for the rest of the day.


Nice hot day today also but I really haven’t done anything but straighten things up on my computer. Going through a bunch of old “back up” discs and just deleting anything over a couple of years old. Found a cd from 2001!


SWMBO and I also picked our first load of peas and beans from the garden. Well, the first that’ll make veggies for a meal tomorrow evening. Today we had baked BBQ chops, mixed veggies and Red Beans & Rice. It was pretty good.

And that’s about it. Having a “Pirates of the Caribbean” marathon…