New Computer & Windows 7

My new computer came in yesterday and it took a couple of hours, and a trip to Motherboards, Etc for a cpu fan, for me to get it up and running. I probably could have had it working faster but I was taking my time and working on 3 (three!) computers at once. Finally got it done and plugged in and started up and it’s working great! Fast! Haven’t had a chance to use the 4 Gig of ram; but I will!
Then I installed the realease candidate of Windows 7 that I downloaded the other day. Installed fairly quickly. Looks good. Kinda vista-ish. But the most surprising thing is that I managed to get the blue screen of death only 5 times while installing programs I normally use. Not bad! Of course, I haven’t seen the BSOD with XP Pro in a long time. Installing Java was a bitch; but I finally got it working. Everything else seems to be working okay. Video looks great even without installing drivers for my videocard.
Now, moving all my data and userfiles from the old computer to the new is going to be a bitch. Just my old Outlook file is 1.8 Gig! Not to mention all the ‘little’ settings and passwords and stuff that need to be moved over. Crap. It may be days before I can check my mail other than online. Which I hate.
OTT, not much going on. House is a mess with boxes piled all over the place. We ordered one of those PODS things and it will be delivered Monday. I’ll start filling it immediately to get this stuff out of the way for other things.
It’s supposed to get up in the 70’s (possible low 80’s) today so I’m gonna waste time out at the property. Later!

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