Wickedly Wet Wednesday!

Raining now (0800), maybe get a break, then more rain with possible thunderstorm this afternoon into evening. There is all kinds of flooding & mudslides around the Seattle area. Walking outside you can hear “squish squish squish.” Sucks!

Our Driveway! And It's Only Gonna Get Worse!

This just in from the Bremerton Sun:  Police officers rescue girls from West Bremerton house fire Nobody was home at the time.

Well, if nobody was home, then who’d the Police Officers rescue? Just wondering.

Yep. Started really raining again about an hour ago. News is full of flooding and landslides. Houses are being pushed off their foundations. I mean it is really wet out there! My catch basin is about to overflow; which means a river of water running across the back yard. Good thing the Dog and I managed to go for a walk while the sun was out earlier!


SWMBO is home safe. It rained fairly hard the whole trip to Bremerton and for quite  awhile after I found a parking spot. Was mostly done by the time she showed up. Started up again on the way home. Sucks!

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