Got Out And About Again Today

Will wonders never cease? Had to run to the Naval Hospital for SWMBO; she needed new test strips for her blood tester thingie. Free through Tricare (if you can call paying for Tricare getting the “free” medical we were promised) or $90 for 50 of the things at Rite Aid. Standing in line for a couple of hours at the Pharmacy was cheaper.


Got home, loaded the plastics and glass into the back of the truck, and took all that to the transfer station (neighborhood dump). Came back and burned some trash (just doing my bit for global warming) and am about to finish cleaning and straightening up the Pantry.


Just posted my old Toolbox on Craig’s List. Only asking $100 for it. I have several other things I’ll be posting over the next few days. I have 2 10-inch table saws downstairs that I’ll probably never use. A Window Air Conditioner. Thinking of selling my AR Drone 2.0 cause I never fly the thing anymore.


Not much else going on. SWMBO got home safe and joined me for a couple of episodes of “George Clark’s Amazing Spaces.” Now she’s off doing some cutting and ironing and I’m about to hit the rack.

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