Windy. Raining.

Fairly laid back Sunday. Did mount SWMBO’s TV/monitor to the wall above her desk. Did manage to get all my usual chores done. Straightened up my office/shack. (Though it still looks cluttered.) Washing all the silverware and stuff we bought for the Caravan before putting it all out there.


Haven’t installed Linux yet. Busy doing other things! Once the Handbrake Queue gets done I’m going to do it and get started on switching over completely.

Raining. Stuck inside. Wanted to move my 2-meter antenna but don’t feel like getting soaked to do it. Must be getting old. Windy out there too! And we just had a downpour to be in the record books! Wow!


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net (The Highly Informal Version) went well tonight. Nine check-ins. Everyone has standing water in their yards and a couple have even lost power for awhile from the wind.

Anywho, that’s it for tonight. Just not much going on and I’ve got to finish folding the laundry before hitting the rack.

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