Yes, I’m Old And Now My Back Hurts

But it’s my own damned fault. Made a run to Home Depot (via Navy City Metals to sell my soda cans ($23!!) and COSTCO for 5 pair of jeans) and bought 20 2”x4”x8’ studs (the cheap ones). Since I got home (a couple of hours ago) I’ve been adding frames to my raised bed’s, to attach chicken wire so my peas/beans/whatever have someplace to cling to while they grow. So now my back hurts from the strains of doing things I don’t normally do. And I’m Old.

Finally got tired of trying to stuff my fat ass (actually, Fat Gut) into my jeans and barely being able to close the top button, and then barely being able to breathe once I managed that Herculean task; so I (spur of the moment) decided to just go buy new pants. Way easier than suddenly losing enough weight to fit into my jeans! And all my jeans are about 10 years old anyway. (I usually buy 10 pair every 10 years or so whether I need them or not.)

Yesterday, Independence Day, was a cool day spent with my Schweetie. We got up early and went to the annual 4th of July Church breakfast for pancakes and saugeses. The Flag Ceremony was awesome but the guy that gave a short talk before we got to eat should NOT have made Political Commentary. (At least, in my humble opinion.)

Afterwards, SWMBO and I decided to find a horse shoe set (which I’ve been wanting for years). “Let’s stop by ACE Hardware and see if they have them.” She says. “Naw,” says I. “They’d be kind of spendy there.”

So we made a run to Walmart in Port Orchard. They was out of them. But they had a nice BB Gun that I got. Quick stop at Fred Meyers: Nope. Out. Stopped at Ace on the way home “just in case,” and, guess, yep, they had a set that was only $2 more then a similiar set would be at Walmart. (But let’s not mention the gas I used to needlessly run around town!) (I said don’t mention it!)

Picked up a pizza on the way home. Puttered around until dinnertime. Cooked up the pizza and watched the latest Star Wars move (which we hadn’t seen yet). I didn’t think the movie was that good (story wise) but the company was great!

Looks like this is going to be another “Summer That Never Was” what with the weather being overcast and way cooler. It sucks when that happens.

Looks like Hillary is getting off scott free too. Didn’t expect any different since this is the most corrupt Administration that’s been in office since Momar. Still disappointed though.

Anywho, SWMBO is home now and it’s about my bedtime. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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