Lady From The Dog Rescue Place

brun1002abrun1001aCame by today for a look-see. Other than her being aghast at SWMBO’s sewing room (You really need to puppy-proof here!), and wanting chicken wire put around the bottom of the poop-yard fence (Just in case!), she seemed pleased. Seemed. We’ll find out when she calls the the HMFIC.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Sun’s out but it ain’t warm. Which makes it still too cold for me to get outside much. But, I tried. Didn’t last long; but I tried.

So, I’ve been cleaning up the last of the Christmas mess and puttering around my office. Listening to the various conversations on 20-meters and trying to fine tune the laptop. On my desktop I have a directory of Old Musicals (1930’s & 40’s) playing on the one monitor, Mail on the middle monitor, and this on the right. (I could never go back to just one monitor now!)

Way much later now … Just got back from picking SWMBO up. MCARC 10-meter Net went well. Think I’ll grab a piece of cheese and go lay down and read a bit.

Damn, I’m boring!

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