A Snowy Sunday At Home

That’s the best kind. Started snowing around 1000 this morning and has been snowing off and on most of the day; so far. Supposed to get 3” or more between 1800 tonight and 1800 tomorrow. We’lll see.

It'll all change to rain. Just watch.

The usual Sunday around here. Regular chores and laundry while SWMBO is off to church. Running the dog around since we probably aren’t going to get out for a walk. Snow you know. Cold, Wet, Snow.


Although, after SWMBO got home we went out and checked her taters. They be soft and mushy like they froze. At least once. Dog had a great time though. No leash and he got to haul balls around the yard. He did good. Came everytime we called. He’s fast too! Way fast.

It’s 1600 and the snow is really starting to come down. Things are getting covered over. Cool!

Well, the MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well; cause I was Net Control tonight. Even had a fellow from Brown’s Point join us. (Kinda scratchy but mostly understandable.)

And that’s it. Think I’ll go start up the heating pad and get ready to go lay down. About 1.5 inches of snow has built up out there with more on the way. (They say.) SWMBO may have to leave early in the morning.

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