Security Alert!

Another one! This one is from Bill Pay cause I added a bill to it cause I may not remember or be on a trip or oot-n-aboot for some reason. All the other’s (about 19 over the past several days) have come from setting up old tablets/laptops to see if they still worked and Google goes bat shit crazy about me logging in from multiple devices. Which is all well and good, actually, that far sharper eyes than mine keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t fuck up somehow. Look how well Facebook has done me! (And Tumblr, but that’s a completely other story.)

Not that that ever stops me.

Been really busy around the house the past few also. SWMBO was walking out to her car the other day and mentioned that “The garage floor sure is dirty. Maybe I ought to get out and sweep it sometime?” Which, in marriage speak means: You lazy turd. Get this mess cleaned up before I have to turn to on your ass, King!

Or pretty near. (And she says we don’t communicate!) Anyway, it hadn’t been swept for almost a year and probably could use a good sweep. That was a lie. It hasn’t actually been swept for probably 2 years (or more) and absolutely needed it. Not trash or anything; just road grime and crap that falls off every car parked in a garage. And wood chips from doing woodworking stuff and trimming molding. And wire from making antenna’s. And “stuff” with no where else to go. Your typical American garage.

So I did that. Which involved “straightening things up” cause you can’t sweep the floor without moving shit out of the way. So now most everything is “where it belongs” and I’ll never find it again. (Dang! I know I left that hammer right here! Check the toolbox? What the hell would my hammer be in the tool box for, woman?)

Things are starting to settle down with the Masks mandate. Lot’s of places are putting up signs that “The vaccinated needn’t wear masks.” Implied is: “Of course we trust you not to lie and wear a mask if needed.” Sure. People look at me cause I ain’t wearing a mask and I pull out my wallet, hold it up, and say “Multipass” and go about my business. Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.

Doing all this with the electronics to get rid of some of the old “junk” that’s been collecting in my basement forever. So far that’s 4 old tablets that don’t work going to recycle (soon), three small tablets (and one 10″) that all work (ask Google), a Nook Reader, a 3 year old Kindle Paperwhite (3.5g storage and I needed more so I upgraded), and a pair of camera binocs I bought a LONG LONG time ago. Think I’ll take all this stuff to the next meeting of my Ham club and just put it out on the table. Anything left over, well, we’ll see. Still have a giant computer case ($150 online last I saw but I got it for free) and other stuff in the basement to go through. (I save old computer parts and build a complete computer when I can and give it to some older guy that doesn’t have one. Getting harder and harder to find and “older” guy nowadays.)

After planting 8 new mater plants and two new rows of peas and doing the weeding and watering, the Dog and I took off all our clothes and was laying out catching some rays cause it’s supposed to start raining over the next few days. I really wasn’t expecting a delivery today. Sorry UPS guy!

Making fudge brownies for SWMBO who’s off taking her aged and slightly crazy friend to a hair appointment. Figured she might need some cheering up when she gets home. Especially after she see’s that I ate most of the pulled pork I made for dinner. Tried adding a coating of oil and salt and pepper to the “fries” in the “air fryer.” Seemed to make them taste a bit better.

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