Time To Catch Up! Maybe!

Thank Goodness I didn’t wake with a headache again yesterday. Volunteered to help replace the MCARC Antenna in Shelton and had to be there at 1300. So I, quite naturally, showed up early (Navy Training). You can see the pictures and watch this (somewhat crappy) video I took with the AR Drone. (It was breezy and I’m still learning to control the damned thing! Excuses, excuses!)

Dave (KC7USS) & Omer (AD7DY) on the water tower.

It was overcast and cold until late afternoon but I enjoyed being out doing something to make our club repeater better. Now our Nets shouldn’t be “Can you hear me now?” Nets.

Otherwise, how was my day?

Left the working part a bit early. Got home and ate then went to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. We got to sit at home awhile then had to pick our son up in Gorst @ 2145 or so. Got to bed late (for me).

This how my day was!

Then, at 0245 I was woken up by our renter giggling. She giggled the rest of the night and was still at it at 0530 this morning. We GOTTA get some kind of sound barrier between the MILA and our bedroom! (Still, I’m pretty ready for the renters to move someplace else. If we didn’t need the money…)

Continued tearing out the short wall between the kitchen and my room. Mounting the cabinets I took out of the kitchen in their new corner. Cleaning up the mess.

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