Another Outstanding WET Sunday

I say outstanding cause I got to spend a lot of time with the love of my life; SWMBO. Wet cause it hasn’t stopped raining even once; that I’ve noticed. And I’ve checked quite often cause the Dog really wants to go for a walk. (I do too. Hate sitting around too much!)


So, been working on the Truck Music USB drive; getting things moved around, re-making play lists, general organization stuff. Only 49 Gig free to add more “stuff” to it though. Hmmm. Maybe I should backup all those pictures I scanned to it? Would come in handy when I travel to visit family and need to get someone identified.

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net went well; without me. My signal was all over the place so I mainly just listened in. Couple of New Guys checked in. That’s good.

Other than that it’s just our average, normal, usual lazy Sunday. Rained all day so I haven’t been outside at all. Sucks! Especially after day before yesterday being so nice. Tease!

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