Mar 02

Ok, In A Better Mood Today…

But have a headache developing. Oh Joy!

Let’s see… SWMBO took me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food place over on Bethel for lunch yesterday. Food was good but the company was much better. Then we zoomed out to the Silverdale Mall and walked some of that lunch off. Then back home for SSDD. Smile

Got my new 110 film scanner in yesterday. Had to pick it up at the Post Office cause the box Amazon shipped it in was way too big for our mailbox. They *coulda* put it in a smaller box!


So, spent several hours yesterday, and this morning, scanning all my old 110 sized negatives. Man, some of those pictures haven’t seen the light of day since they were taken! Was only about 1300 110 scans; a little bit more with playing around with the old Kodak sizes. I don’t know how I’m going to easily scan those! Don’t know how I’m going to scan all those large format negatives from High School either. I may have to build something special…


The final scans aren’t the absolute best but more than adequate. Way better (and cheaper)  than having prints made then scanning those. You gotta remember that the 110 sized film can’t gather a whole lot of information/light and anything that small blown up is going to be somewhat grainy. I’m happy with the quality and it’ll be fine enough for archiving purposes.


NMARES meeting went okay last Thursday evening. Actually had 7 people show up. Dang! Lot’s of hoohaha  going on about the club Constitution and By-Laws. Club Officer elections coming up pretty soon. I will NOT be club President any longer! “They” also decided to shut down the club website; just not taking in enough in dues to pay for it. So, I think I’ll port it over to and just pony up the annual domain name charges. They’re also not understanding that the website could notify everyone of when the next meeting is if only they’d subscribe to the posts. They’d rather someone send out an e-mail with that info. Oh well, I guess not all us old guys can clue in on technology! Rolling on the floor laughing


And that’s about it for today. Gotta get some dishes done if I expect us to cook and eat dinner.

Feb 18

Damned Headaches!

I *HATE* waking up with a headache! I really do think it’s the change in the barometric pressure or somehow weather related ‘cause each time the weather changes I get one of these damned headaches! AAAaarrrrrggggghhhhh!


So, didn’t get a whole lot done today. Some laundry. Made Chicken Noodle soup for dinner cause SWMBO is having some chest congestion and I thought it might help. No, I know it won’t help clear up the actual congestion, but, when someone makes chicken noodle soup for you then you know they care. And maybe that makes you feel a bit better. Smile


OTT, not much going on. Pulled all the pictures out of an old (OLD) photo album of SWMBO’s so I can scan them. Not going to put them back; they’ll take up a lot less room in an envelope in a box. Get to do the same thing to a couple more albums.


Had a serious enquiry on the Digger that didn’t pan out. Guy lives in Vaughn (wherever that is) and messaged me that he found a Digger closer to home. Bummer. I don’t want to sell her but need to so we can pay off some of our bills and SWMBO won’t feel the pressure to work so much.

The other guy is coming over to pay for the Dump Truck tomorrow and figure out how large a trailer he’ll need to haul it off. That money will come in handy.

Jan 25

I’m Sick To Death & Tired Of Scanning…

Pictures! Been at it a week now. But I got them all done. I think. Unless SWMBO finds some that she hasn’t brought to me. I got all the pictures in the box I’ve been carrying around for years and all of hers that she’s found and there shouldn’t be any un-scanned pictures in the house. But you know we’ll find a stack that hasn’t been done… Now I get to organize all those 7000 pictures! What fun!

My Aunt "Sis." (Geneva Johnson)

Not much else going on around here other than my usual housework and web-site stuff. And scanning. SWMBO is taking me to dinner tonight. Probably Taco Bell since we’re both in the mood for Taco Bell.


I set up my Gallery to accept new members hoping that my family will join up and start uploading all the family photo’s they can to get them all in one place and accessible to the rest of the family. Doubt it’ll happen though. What use are those old photo’s if no one else can see them?

I will pass on that if you have a butt-ton of old photo’s that are 5”x7” or smaller, go to Amazon and get one of those Pandigital scanners. Talk about easy! Plug the thing in, insert a 8-Gig Sandisc card and start feeding the pictures in. I scanned in all those pictures and still have 5-Gig space left over for the larger pictures I had to scan on my full sized scanner. Thing is small enough to store in my backpack and take to the next family reunion.

Gotta stop by Staples and get a 16-Gig thumb drive also. Thought I’d use one instead of burning several dvd’s to send my FIL the train video’s I’ve been collecting for him. Hope he enjoys them!

Ah well…

Jan 10

Cold Out Today! At Least It’s Dry(er)…

Started my day as usual: sitting before this danged computer checking mail, news & jobs. No important mail, the News isn’t, and there aren’t any jobs for an old guy that’s been out of work for awhile.

Who Is This?

One of the pictures I just newly scanned after setting up the negative scanner. Hadn’t seen this picture in about 35 years! I don’t remember this girls name. Friend of ours brought her over when I lived in Virginia Beach way back in 1976 or so. She wore a nice blouse, but, she had one of the most beautiful faces I’d ever seen! (Until I met my lovely young bride: SWMBO) Yeah, I got in a lot of trouble with my future ex- for taking this picture. Green with envy
So, spent most of the time between my earlier remarks and now (pause) scanning all the OLD paperwork from the MC-ARC (of which I am the Treasurer) and trying to get all that straight. Scanned everything to PDF files. I can see NO reason to keep hardcopy unless you’re going to have to send it to someone; and even then I’m sure that they can handle PDF files. But some places (don’t get me started!) still like actual paper for some reason. I may even “waste” some time tonight and convert our membership form to PDF so people can download it, fill it out, save it, then e-mail it back to us. Or print it out and bring it in. (In which case I’d rescan it to a PDF file.)
Downloaded the statements from the MC-ARC bank account back through Jan 2011; and plan to get earlier if I can for our records. Got all the money straight and reports printed (yes, printed) for the meeting next Saturday morning.
Still haven’t figured out what to have for dinner yet.
We all went for a tour of the back-40 earlier and it was FRAKKIN’ COLD! A mere 28 degrees. Won’t snow though… HEY, it’s trying to snow out there. Occasional snow flakes. Cool!
Chilidogs & bakes (as opposed to FRIES) for dinner.