What A Lazy Sit On My Ass Day…

Went to bed about 0100 this AM but just could NOT get to sleep. Finally at 0430 I just went ahead and got up. Was watching tv and I remember seeing the time as 0620 and the next thing I know its 1000. Wha? Then I was sitting and eating breakfast when our landlord knocked on the door and said the water was going to be out for an hour or so. So I didn’t get to take my shower until after 1300.
Aside from a trip to Albertson’s for cereal (and stuff. $40 worth of stuff!) and Home Depot I’ve been playing around on this computer and watching what I have of season 6 of Smallville. That’s like 8 or 9 episodes so far. Damn, what a productive day! Well, I couldn’t get out to the property because it has been REALLY raining today. And other than maybe doing some vacuuming most of the housework is already done. Wait, I still have a load of laundry in the dryer. Cool! 🙂

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