I’m “Flying” Again! Too Cool!

Got the parts in to fix my AR Drone 2.0, which took awhile, but was ultimately worth it. Took a short flight around the yard and didn’t hit anything. Too windy (really windy sometimes) to go very high but it flew well and the video looks great. Cool!

Not much going on today. SWMBO and I went to Home Depot in Silverdale and bought some paint and stuff so our son can finish that room we’re making for him in the basement. Sure will be glad when he moves into it and I get my space back. It’s a real pain in the ass not being able to find computer stuff or a cable that I know I have but is packed out of his way somewhere. Yep, looking forward to that.


Got in both the antenna’s I ordered: the longer rubber ducky for the handheld and the 2m/440 for my yaesu 857d for when I put it in the truck. Which is going to be soon as the mounting bracket comes in. I think I’ll have to save up and buy another yaesu 857d to keep in the house. (Yeah, like that is going to happen! $700-800 bucks last I looked.) June 1st I think I’ll order one of those $40 boefeng handhelds for our trip.

MCARC 10-meter chat net went well tonight. I have bursts of static over here that makes it hard to hear the other guys. I really need a tower. A hundred footer ought to do just fine. That’s another $2000-4000 I need to save up.


Unless SWMBO won the lottery tonight. (THAT would change things!)

It’s 2100 hours. Time to finally make the bed and get my coffee machine set up for tomorrow morning. Gotta go to eztv.it and see what’s available to download. All our shows have had season enders though so there won’t be much.


Flickr is giving everyone 1 TB of space so I’m uploading some of my photo’s to my account. Eventually I’ll probably have all my pics up there. Hell, 1 TB will hold 53k+ photo’s according to their advertisement. I’m going to see if that’s true!

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