Feb 13

Yummy! Pulled-Pork Sandwich.

Ya take your choice of cut of pork. Cut it into chunks. Put it in your small crock pot. Pour a can of Dr. Pepper over it. Turn it on to high for 4 hours. Take the meat out. Pour the juice out. Put the meat back in. Add BBQ sauce to taste. Stir really well. Toast a bun.  Fork meat over bun. Have a great meal! I’d have added “Tater Tots” but the stove is still in the dining room.


Not much else going on. The cabinet folks are still progressing. They made so much noise sanding today I had to retreat to another room. And wear my ear protectors. But they’re making it all work. They’re actually putting on the laminate now. Cool!

Other than that I, personally, haven’t done a damned thing today other than take all the old cabinet doors and drawer-fronts down to the basement. About a half dozen trips for that. Can’t really do much with the mess the house is in until the kitchen is finished. Should be done Saturday. I think…


Got SWMBO home safe so it’s time for my daily get-ready-for-bed routine. Even if I do just lay down and read until I’m ready to go to sleep.

Feb 12

What A Crack Up!

Listening to John & Tina work on the cabinets. Endless debates. Sharp comments. Endless “I Know, Tina!” They do seem to know what they’re doing though.

John Measuring

Putting together a “Three Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Vacate” letter for our tenants. I’ve finally had enough of their non/late payment of rent. We didn’t even have enough money in our account last night to get gas for the rest of the week and we really need the bucks or we wouldn’t rent the place out.

How may people have TWO freeloaders living in the same house? (And, yes, I’m including SWMBO’s Son. Wish I could give him an Eviction Notice.)

Tina Standing By...

Found some money in SWMBO’s room when I went looking for the tenant rental agreement, so we stopped by Safeway on the way home and got a couple more tv dinner’s for the rest of the week. Home safe and about to go lay down and read myself into oblivion.

Feb 11

Yep. Tuesday. I Can Tell.

Well, the cabinet folks showed up bright and early. 0945 or so. They’re still getting set up and figuring out where to start. They’ve already asked me a couple of questions that I’ve had to say “I’ll ask SWMBO” to. I’m letting them use the garage for the next however many days.

2014-02-11 11.06.03

Not much else going on. Weather weenies say a storm is moving in and should be raining and really windy by this afternoon. Oh, Joy. Ought to make sure all my antenna’s are secure. And the plastic chairs outside tend to fly around in the wind.


Well, at the end of the first work day on the new cabinets, I see a mess. That’s about it. This is gonna take awhile.

The New Doors

Lot’s of rain and some wind on the way to/from picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Was kind of nice just relaxing there, reading, and listening to the rain on the roof of the truck. Even the drunks at the bar there stayed inside.

Nov 27

I’m Lost! Doomed! Who-verized!

I’ve watched/listened to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show twice now. I liked it! Almost epic.


Of course, I did this while finishing the flooring in the dining room and moving all my tools and stuff back downstairs and generally cleaning up. I’m tired!!! Kind of shaky today for some reason. Probably just tired.

Wound up moving my computer back into my room after the MCARC 2-meter net. My TV started working again and I’m trying to get it to work from the onboard graphics (vga) port. So far it just keeps searching trying to connect. I think there’s a setting in CMOS I’ll check out the next time I reboot. Which should be in about 10 minutes!

And that’s it from Belfair, WA…