Jul 02

Goodnight, Chet. Goodnight, David.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day around here. But, after picking SWMBO up at the QFC, something Special happened. When we got home, SWMBO and I sat in my room just talking until way after my usual bedtime. I think we talked about most everything; including our Son, Patrick, that died back in 1991. Which we don’t do very often. (Either the talking that long or Patrick that much.) It was nice.

Saw This On The Way Home Yesterday

And, to top that off, today was our usual “date” day. I took her to the junk store in Shelton that’s going out of business and having a half-price sale. She bought a butt-ton of CD’s (which I’lll have to rip later) and I got a couple of blu-ray movies ($1/ea!). All in all she spent &17 mostly on cd’s.


Then dinner at Burger King cause I felt like a Whopper. (Every once in awhile I just get the urge for flame-broiled beef.) Then on to Walmart for “stuff.” Her “stuff” was a new iron. My “stuff” was The Complete Star Trek: TOS series on blu-ray and a new 2tb external drive (for backups of my “stuff” on my data drive). And we bought food.


So we’re home now. SWMBO is off in her room doing genealogy and going through the cd’s she got. I’m doing this and starting to rip the movies I got (The Shining and The Silence Of The Lambs). Will wait until tomorrow to start ripping Star Trek to .mp4 files for the TVDrive.

Jun 30

Holy Crap I’m A Boring Poster!

bwb04aJust not a whole heck of a lot going on around here yesterday. The afternoon got nice and sunny and warm so me and the Dog spent as much time out there as possible. Was still out there when SWMBO got home from work. (Dang! I like her getting home “one time!)

Today was  a day, for sure. Had to make a run to the Field Day site just North of Shelton to check that the gate was, in fact, closed and locked. Luckily for AE7VG, who needed to borrow the tennis ball gun, we managed to do that at the same time. Was a nice ride there and back.

bwb05aBut it really didn’t get sunny and warm until after 1400. Way after 1400. Nice when it did though.

Yeah, I know this is borning as shit; you don’t have to tell me. But, one day, way in the future, someone will stumble on an archive copy of all this and think “This is cool! But this guy was boring as shit drying in the sun.” So don’t sweat it. I mentioned a long time ago that I’m just an ordinary Old Guy American trying to live the American Dream on limited finances.

And SWMBO is home on time again. Man, I could get used to that!

Jun 28

Another Really Nice (Naked) Day Out

bwb02aLoaded up that pile of wood I have for my friend yesterday, left the house about 1115 today to take it to him. Everything was going great until traffic came to a complete stand still just past Mullinex on HWY 16. Brush fire. We were stopped there about half an hour.

Finally got to my friends house and unloaded the wood. Maybe that’s one tire he won’t have to burn to stay warm. Left his place and went the back way to Mullinex to HWY 16. Figured all the hubbub should have been over by then. Wrong! Got caught in the traffic jam going the other way.

bwb03aBut eventually I got back home and have been “puttering” around since. Put my shorts back on and went down and trimmed that Sycamore tree cause it was getting to where the meter-person wouldn’t be able to see our electric meters. And it’s spreading out into the yard. In our drainage field. No telling what the hell it’s doing to that. I may have to just pull the whole thing out. Another couple of years will tell.

Took the Dog for a walk around the back 40. Vegitation is looking thick back there! Trimmed some of the blackberry bushes trying to enroach on the path/trail we use. (Probably should have worn pants for that.)


Practiced flying my drone some more. Got some good video going over the top of the house. Didn’t crash into anything even once; unless you count hard landings. Need to learn not to be so heavy handed on the controls though. Those crazy tilts in the video can make one dizzy.

And that is it for today. SWMBO is home on time again and she finished out the last Harry Potter movie with me.

Jun 27

64 Down. 64 To Go. Hopefully!

Yes, today was my 64th and pretty much like any other Monday around here. The usual chores. Still cleaning out and straightening up the Caravan from this past weekend. Extra laundry with the Caravan stuff.


It was really sunny and hot today though; so that’s kind of special. After I made a PO run to get SWMBO’s package, me and the Dog took all our clothes off and spent as much of the day outside as we could. I even mowed the front-lower and back yards! And the path that we walk around the back of the property. So I shouldn’t have to do that again for at least a week. (But I still need to get out with the whack-weeder. And the neighbors insist that I be covered when I do that. Bastards.)


SWMBO got home early tonight! Well, really, she got home on time tonight. She didn’t have to work late. Cooooooolllll!!!!!

So I’m gonna go spend some of my birthday time with her.


She’s still my favorite present.