Sep 25

STILL Playing With A Linux Server!

Which, except for a run to the Post Office to send the Netflix off, and my usual chores, is about all I’ve done today. Well, did take 15 minutes and talk to NC7V down Vista, CA way on 20-meters around 1515.


Tried installing the latest Ubuntu Server but it kept erroring out unable to install Boxsomething. Even tried re-downloading the .iso (just in case) and using “Startup Disc Creator” to “burn” it to the usb drive again (just in case) and that didn’t work. After a couple of hours of trying to install it I gave up and started the download of the previous version. Both 32 & 64 bit versions Just In Case.

Excuse me. Had to go swipe a piece of SWMBO’s Cheesy-Bread.


Anywho, the earlier version (64-bit) is installing and has gotten farther than the first version I used. That’s good. Too bad it’s getting on towards this Old Guy’s bedtime.

Really not a whole lot going on today. Sprinkled some but I wasn’t out in it until the Dog and I went to pick SWMBO up at the bus stop this evening. Even then we took the truck so we weren’t actually out in the rain.


Tomorrow should be a bit busier since the Renter would like to make a dump run. Then SWMBO and I want to stop by Home Depot, COSTCO, and will probably eat at Qdoba’s before making our usual stop at Safeway. Think I’ll spend the $2 on a Powerball ticket this week.

Sep 24

Sat Out In The Sun For Awhile Today!

When it wasn’t cloudy, that is. Being directly in the Sunshine it was warm and nice. If the breeze hadn’t been just a bit too cool it would have been a take-all-your-clothes-off afternoon. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long. Suppose I should get used to crappy Wx for a few months.


Got out of the house awhile by going to one Credit Union and taking all the money out of my savings and taking it to another Credit Union to make a Truck payment. So the first payment on the new loan is in and done. Now to set up BillPay on the 1st and future payments should get in about 20 days early. (I really hate being late with any payments!) Think I’ll do this for about a year, and, if the interest rates don’t go up much, see if they’d be interested in refinancing the Caravan. Wouldn’t mind having all my loans in one place.


Not much else going on today. Been “playing” with the “Server” I’m trying to learn to set up. Tried installing a program called “Mediatomb,” which seems to install, but it won’t do anything when I click on the menu entry. Opens a browser but can’t find what it’s looking for. I don’t know why.


So I installed “XBMC” but couldn’t really tell you why except that this machine is for playing. That works so well I’m thinking of installing it on my desktop just for the ability to stop having to smb:// my NAS drives. Still looking into how to make a Media Server of some type so everyone in the house can watch movies/tv anywhere in the house.

And I’m still having trouble joining my Linux machine to our Windows network. Which is slightly strange as our NAS’ are powered by a version of Linux. Is learning new things supposed to keep me young, or wear me down with frustration?

Aug 25

What? Another Windows 7 VM?

Yep. Tried “authenticating” the first one I did and it wasn’t having none of it. Said I did a NEW install and I wasn’t authorized to do that. So I wound up “upgrading” one of my XP VM’s. What Fun! What Joy! What a pain in the ass!

But, I got it working and am re-installing the few programs I use in Windows that I haven’t found an equivalent for in Linux. Another joyful experience! It does seem to be working though; so that’s good. Now to copy a bunch of Data around.

Not much else going on. Nice day out. Laid out awhile. Put my 857d in the Caravan and hooked the Alpha Antenna to it and am letting it scan so I can hear if it receives anything while I was laying out. It does. I’ll probably try to contact my friend in Vista at 1515 or so just as a test. Would be nice if it worked that well!


Installed Google Earth in Linux and managed to pull all my data from the Windows installation. That’s good. I used Google Earth for a lot of things. (Including finding new repeaters wherever I go and feel the need.)

And that, again, is pretty much it. The MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went well even with only 3 of us checking in. I did it from the Caravan and it wasn’t too bad. Lots of noise though. Ah well.

Aug 17

Fairly Normal, But Cooler, Sunday

(Managed to save this entry from before my VM went TU. Thought I’d post it anyway.)

Hey. Anyone reading my blog expecting lots of excitement, fun, thrills, chills, or profound thoughts, really is in the wrong place. My blog is about my daily, normal, unexciting (usually or something is seriously wrong), run-of-the-mill, fairly normal life. Mostly it’s just boring as Hell.

Mah Mater Plants This Mornin'

Not to say that I never have any excitement (being with SWMBO), fun (being with SWMBO), thrills (being with SWMBO), chills (emptying the Wasp catchers!), or profound thoughts (I’m married and have to get her approval before voicing them). I’m just not sure if y’all are ready for them.

Nope. Mostly this is for me; and anyone else that might be interested to see how an Average (Retired) American spends their day. Mostly it’s boring for anyone else. But that’s the way it is, pretty much. Once you get “older” American Society pretty much ignores you. After making sure that we’re “regular” and we have our “Depends” and our (increasingly short life) insurance is paid, no one pays any attention to us. (Until you die. And then it’s all “What’d he leave me?”)


Oh, sure, it’s nice being able to do what you want. If you can afford it. If you can physically do it. If your significant other gets off their high horse about “You fall off the fuckin’ roof (again) don’t come crying to me!” bullshit. And if there isn’t any local, state, or federal laws against it. (Which is highly unlikely.) Oh, and if something doesn’t need to be done around the house. Then I can do what I want.

But I guess us older folks just aren’t considered to be productive members of our society anymore. It kinda, sorta, doesn’t really matter that I worked my ass off between the ages of 10 and 55. All that is in the past. Doesn’t count. Forget that shit, old man.

Where was I going with this? I forgot. Another hazard of growing old. You forget things. But never the things you’d rather forget. Unless you get Alzheimer’s. Then you just forget everything. Just put me down if that happens to me.

Mah Pepper Plants This Morning

Anyway, before I got seriously sidetracked, I was going to say that: it’s a pretty normal Sunday around here. SWMBO is off to church. I’m getting my usual chores, plus laundry, done and “playing” with this Linux installation. Everything seems to be working pretty good. Tried some of the programs I installed yesterday and have begun uninstalling those I didn’t really care for or won’t use. That’s fun.

Listening to some of the 2-meter repeaters yesterday, I heard some of the folks that were told to evacuate their houses because of that fire over in central WaRshington. Hope they’re all okay. I already dread the day that’ll happen to us. (Which it will. Eventually. One of the bad things about living on the edge of a forest.)

SWMBO made Ham slices, rice, and corn-on-the-cob for dinner. It was yummy!